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Emerald Green Power

Creating Energy From Nature

Born from a need to service the new renewable energy industry, Emerald Green Power is a Key Green Energy Solutions Provider putting otherwise wasted Energy to good use and creating a useable output, Emerald Green Hydrogen, for private and industrial uses globally.



EGP has developed an economic model for micro-grid applications to assess the financial opportunities in the emerging hydrogen industry, enabling the existing producers to enhance their operations with green and yellow hydrogen production.


This model forms the basis for diverse AI-based solutions  used for production decision making for the owners of such microgrids.

Fully verified by the National Physical Laboratory.

Let EGP safeguard your financial future!

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Electrolyser AI software solution reconfiguring & matching energy availability and Hydrogen production requirements.

Enabling direct coupling of any electrolyser to a renewable energy source, reducing parts costs and maximising efficiencies for the entire production solution.

Romulus integrates seamlessly to  create a smooth efficient production cycle whatever the power source throws at it.

Let EGP give you control of your power source!

A Perfect Solution

A Multi-Dimensional Company, Emerald Green Power has built a reputation for forging strong partnerships, whether signing down to long-term secure Power Purchase Agreements or connecting with an off-take partner, who has a specific need for Emerald Green Hydrogen (our Zero Carbon Product) produced locally and in volume, at the right price. Our expertise does not end there, with a global network we have built a supply chain that allows your project to start and finish on time with a knowledge base drawn from world class suppliers and public oragnisations found here in the UK, throughout Europe, Australia, Asia and the USA. Contact us to learn more.

Creating Energy From Nature


Purchasing Power

Any Green Power for Sale? Solar? Wind? Hydro?



Selling Hydrogen

Buy Emerald Green Hydrogen Delivered Direct from EGP RIGHT NOW!


Managing Projects

Full Turnkey,  Implementation & Maintenance Service. A GLOBAL PERFORMER! 


Creating Partnerships

Grant Funders, Public Bodies, Universities -  join us & MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

A Bit About Us

Emerald Green Power is a vector coupling technology company, designing novel methods of optimising renewable energy, and innovative configurations of electrolysers to create cheaper Green Hydrogen.  Created from the fact that there are virtually no companies looking to design and develop truly Green Hydrogen Production and Technology Hubs.

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UK - Exeter - HQ

Australia - Canberra

China - Beijing

Singapore - Central

Switzerland - Berne

USA - Portland

Zambia - Lusaka

TEL: +44 191 308 4324

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